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About Richmond


Established as the commonwealth’s capital in 1779, Richmond boasts a rich history, which can still be seen today in the architecture and cobblestone streets found around the city.

Though we love our heritage, we are always looking toward what’s next — and VCU is a large part of promoting positive and progressive change in the city. A strong cultural community enhances the distinct diversity that flows throughout the city, where creativity is embraced as a propelling force.

You'll especially appreciate Richmond's low cost of living when it’s time to rejuvenate. Intimate neighborhoods, cozy restaurants and cafes, and quaint local markets provide the familiarity of a small town. With the VCU School of the Arts ranked as the top among public schools in the country, Richmond is ideal for art lovers. Theaters, galleries, music festivals, sports attractions and a steady stream of annual events bring the region to life. For example, Richmond hosts Riverrock annually, the nation's premier outdoor sports and music festival.

The city offers more than 550 acres of parks bordering the historic James River, just steps from VCU’s campus. For cycling enthusiasts, the 51-mile Capitol Trail links Richmond to historic Jamestown and Williamsburg. Additionally, the UCI (International Cycling Union) Road World Championships took place in the US for the first time in Richmond in 2015.

Richmond’s ideal location allows for day or weekend trips to the beach, the mountains or larger cities like the nation’s capital. To top it all off, Richmond has recently been named

  • the 3rd best place in the world to travel
  • a top 10 city to relocate to in the US
  • a top 10 US city to visit
  • a top 10 least stressed-out city
  • top 10 dining destination for international food travel

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