Resident life blog

May 2015 - Career day

by Elizabeth Finch, M.D.
Pediatric resident

I recently had the pleasure of attending Career Day at Sunnyside Elementary School in McKenney, Virginia to talk with students about my job and why I love it! 

I became a pediatrician for several reasons - my love of science and a desire to help children. Many of the students also shared an appreciation for science and were eager to learn more about becoming a doctor. They asked excellent questions ranging from, “What does a doctor wear?” to “Have you ever done surgery on a kid?” They enjoyed learning about the tools physicians use on a daily basis to make diagnoses, such as stethoscopes and reflex hammers.  We looked at x-rays and discussed the importance of the different parts of the body. We also discussed how to live a healthy lifestyle by getting plenty of sleep and being physically active. Many students named fruits and vegetables they had already eaten that day - they're already on their way to a goal to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily.  

I enjoyed sharing stories about my job and was happy to see a variety of other careers represented - from animal control officers to dance teachers. Early exposure to a variety of careers will benefit these children in the future, and as a pediatrician, I want ALL children to have healthy and happy futures!

Thank you to the students, teachers and staff of Sunnyside Elementary for sharing their day with me and allowing me to talk about the job I love!