Resident life blog

November 2014 – Rough start to rock solid

by Hadi Anwar, M.D.
Pediatric resident

It's crazy to me that it's already been two years since I started residency. I got off to a rough start… to say the least. I got locked out of my car the day before starting residency and had to drive my sister's car to Richmond from Northern Virginia. I had to find street parking since my permit was in my car AND I forgot to turn off the headlights, so the battery was dead when I got off of work.

I started residency on the inpatient floor. One of the first patients I cared for was a previously healthy girl who became neurologically devastated after a sudden cardiac arrest. She passed away the week after I went off inpatient service. Her family asked me to please remember their daughter – I’ll never forget her.

Despite starting resident life off with a sad case, I still loved being on the inpatient team. The senior residents on our team were fantastic and taught me how to be an intern (first year resident). My co-interns were great, and one has become a great friend. Our hospital medicine attendings are fantastic, and I have strong relationships with two I met my first month as an intern. I quickly decided that I too want to practice hospital medicine when I finish my pediatric residency, and it's crazy to me that I will soon have that chance.

PHOTO: Being a pediatric resident and working with kids like Coy (pictured below) is pretty amazing. Check out this photo of Coy and I celebrating Doctor's Day 2013 in our capes.