Residency program

Former resident spotlight

mappJeffrey Mapp, M.D.
Medical school: VCU School of Medicine
Residency: Class of 2008
Current position: Pediatric Associates of Richmond

I couldn’t have chosen a better place to receive my pediatric training than VCU. As I prepared to head out to practice following residency, I found that I had confidence in the skills I had gained in residency and that, having graduated from the program at VCU, I was competitive in my search for a practice. 

I have since joined a general pediatrics practice in Richmond, Virginia. I have continued to encounter a wide variety of clinical problems in this setting and feel that my time at VCU prepared me well to evaluate each. The clinical autonomy I was afforded at VCU was essential in preparing me for the decision-making skills I have needed in private practice. In addition, the large spectrum of inpatient and outpatient pathology at VCU, as well as the robust teaching ensured that I would be able to competently manage any patient in my practice.

In my current practice, I see patients in the outpatient setting, as well as manage newborns through their nursery course. My training at VCU prepared me well for both of these areas. As residents, we were exposed to a wide variety of patients and complaints in our resident clinic, received great teaching and experience treating teens in the adolescent clinic, and each managed newborns in our rotations in the NICU and newborn nursery.

I urge any prospective pediatric resident to strongly consider VCU for their pediatric training, as the education is excellent for both general and subspecialty practice. Further, I feel confident that any resident who visits the program in Richmond will find a warm, friendly environment where residents and attendings work well as a team to provide innovative, quality pediatric care.