Residency program


The purpose of documentation is to:

  1. Monitor the breadth of inpatient and outpatient experiences
  2. Document specific technical skills
  3. Provide documentation for hospital privileges and other professional purposes


VCU utilizes New Innovations, an online evaluation program. Each month faculty and residents are required to complete evaluations through New Innovations; faculty evaluate residents and residents anonymously evaluate the faculty and other residents. The evaluations committee is comprised of faculty members who review the residents’ evaluations as well as their fulfillment of residency requirements. Residents meet four times a year with a member of the evaluations committee to review their files and receive feedback.

Patient logs

Residents log all patient encounters into New Innovations. This includes all inpatient, continuity and subspecialty patient encounters.

Procedure logs

Pediatric and medicine-pediatrics residents are required to document procedures as proof of technical skill. Only successful procedures need to be logged. Certification and proficiency in procedural skills will be determined according to the Department of Pediatrics policy on procedural competence.