Residency program

A resident’s life

photo32Each PGY-1 is assigned a resident mentor who helps facilitate a smooth transition into internship. The PGY-1s are also assigned a faculty mentor after arrival and meet with them twice a year.

Camaraderie and teamwork are important qualities of our resident program and foster an environment that promotes confidence and personal growth. The friendships forged at work continue to develop outside the hospital. Social activities organized by the residents include family picnics, ice-skating parties, nature outings, intramural sports teams and visiting Paramount’s King’s Dominion and Busch Gardens — two nearby theme parks.

The department holds an annual retreat at each level of residency.

  • Early each year, the PGY-1 team-building retreat promotes trust among new interns with a half-day ropes course.
  • The PGY-1s are provided with a full-day transitional seminar, which gives the resident new insight on how to teach, how to provide and receive effective feedback, how to run a team, how to apply for a fellowship and how to look for a job. The PGY-1 seminar also helps prepare residents for the leadership and teaching responsibilities of their PGY-2 year, as well as work-life balance and coping with the loss of a patient.
  • The PGY-2s are provided with a full-day transitional seminar on contract negotiations, writing curriculum vitaes, conducting job searches and managing finances. The highlight of the retreat is a physician panel made up of multiple pediatric specialists who provide the residents with insight into alternate career options.
  • The year-end PGY-3 retreat is a fun day for graduating residents to relax and enjoy each other’s company prior to graduation.

Other special events sponsored by the department include the holiday party, the welcome party for new interns and faculty and the much-anticipated house staff party at the end of the year, during which our attendings take in-house calls to relieve the residents of all responsibilities.